Who Is The Holy Spirit

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Who is the Holy Spirit

And what role does He play


Or a force as some would say 

I have met the Holy Spirit 

And I'm proud to call Him Friend

So for those who do not know Him 

Listen close and comprehend 

My friend the Holy Spirit is my ever present HELP

My COMFORTER in times of need when on my knees I knelt 

I can trust the Holy Spirit to deliver on His word 

Not forsaking but forbearing when it seemed sin I preferred 

He is my INTERCESSOR, and interpreter of groans, 

An ADVOCATE who advocates before the Father's Throne 

Oh what a Friend we have in Him, Holy Spirit have Your way 

And may You manifest Your matchless love in me today

The Holy Spirit is my COUNSELOR, and STRENGTH when I am weak 

I look to only Him for guidance when a guiding light I seek 

He baptized me with His presence and guides me into truth 

Always ready, He's my STANDBY. You have just been introduced.

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